Psychedelics & Psychotherapy - Bright Minds Way To Rewire The Brain

 The drug war in 1970 shunned every psychedelic that healed brain health disorders, including psilocybin. Not long before that, ‘Sandoz,’ a pharmaceutical giant, introduced the world to psilocybin. They already had an effective therapeutic drug that was capable of treating illnesses such as pharmacoresistant epilepsy. Now that Magic Mushrooms are legal in Canada,Bright Minds Bio has taken up the opportunity to reinvent treatments for mental health problems.

Research for the effect of psychoactive drugs started in 1950, but it shut down after two decades. If they were not classified as a schedule I drugs, then the world would have better brain function.

Bright Minds Biosciences is the first company that deals in the therapeutic effects of psychedelics. Right now, our target is to create a better molecular compound of psilocybin that has a very short trip time, thereby maximizing its therapeutic potential.

Bright Minds Bio Has The Best Drug Designer


With over 100 patents under his name, Dr. Alan Kozikowski heads our laboratory. Not only is he an expert in studying and redesigning atomic bonds, as well as molecular structure, he is also brilliant at understanding the role that certain receptors play.

5-HT receptors in the brain are majorly responsible for serious mental illnesses such as:

1. Depression & Anxiety

2. Bipolar Disorder

3. Alzheimer’s

4. Parkinson’s

5. Epilepsy

The lead scientist at our biotechnology company has already successfully provided the world with a viable solution for curing Alzheimer’s. By putting together an excellent team of organic chemists, drug designers, research scientists, behavioral biologists, and pharmacologists,Bright Minds Biosciences will revive the right way to rewire the brain using modified compounds of psychedelic drugs.

How Does Bright Minds Biosciences Envision To Implement Usage Of Their Drugs?

There is no question about the fact that ‘Magic Mushroom’ is a psychedelic drug. That means one has to administer it under the supervision of a professional.

• By reducing its effect on the 5-HT receptors, such as the release of serotonin, which may lead to a bad trip or may even trigger a heart attack; our biotechnology company plans to redesign the molecular structure of psilocybin

• After the clinical trials are successful and the agonist is deemed safe, the drug will be available only to certified therapists.

• Patients seeking treatments for depression, MDD, and many other brain health issues will be able to avail this drug in the presence of a medical professional.

• For the drug to have a therapeutic effect, the patient should be placed in a soothing ambiance.

• Each session can last for 1-2 hours.

• It will just be like going to bed feeling anxious or depressed but waking up with a rewired brain that feels more emotionally balanced.

Bright Minds is aware of the fact that a lot of people can misuse such psychedelics.

That’s why we envision this drug to be available only at a therapist/psychologist’s clinic. It has been over 50 years, and professionals are still prescribing addictive opioids as a medication for brain health disorders.

It’s time we break the age-old lore about psychedelics and find the right way to rewire the brain. Bright Minds Biosciences is doing just that. Visit our website to know more.


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